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Oprah’s own church


I know that at this point it would seem like I was obsessed with this woman, honestly I don’t go out looking for these things, they usually get sent my way through other friends and e-mails. But after watching this I’m just disgusted, and incredibly saddened. The last part of the video sums it up. We really need to be praying for our nation and all of the disillusioned people/Christians who are falling for this belief.



3 Responses

  1. I am in total agreement. I find it scary what Oprah is presenting to this country and around the world. She will have a lot to answer for someday. Christianity is founded on the inspired Word of God. The Bible is not to be added to or taken away from and that is what Oprah is doing. It says in the Bible that by NO OTHER NAME under heaven but by the name of Jesus can man be saved. There is not many ways to God but ONLY one way. I refuse to ever watch her show again and will make a point to spread the word

  2. I haven’t watched her show for years. I thing she devalues wives, homemakers and families and I didn’t want to be poisioned by her feminista views. This has given me even more reasons to turn her off and pray.

  3. Hey! Glad to hear someone else with this view on this video!

    Keep standing!

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