Texas Snowbunnies

dscn4062.jpgIt snowed again today, actually the weather was terrible all day with rain, sleet, hail and snow, but it finally stopped this evening. Zoe was begging to go outside and play, but both Steven and I hate to be cold so we tried to discourage her by telling her it was too cold, too wet, too dark-she was having none of it. So I finally relented thinking I would have to be the worse mother in the world to not let her children experience snow when given the chance. Problem is, that because we live in Texas and it almost never snows or rarely gets cold enough for us to have any kind of serious cold weather clothes, we had nothing to dress them in. So what you are seeing is- Both of them wearing their footed pajamas, Zack wearing a coat given to us by a friend, Zoe wearing a hat from 2 years ago when we went to Iowa for Christmas, Zack wearing the gloves that went to that hat as well as a hat from two years ago and Zoe wearing the only spring jacket she owns.

Of course Steven and I stood huddled in the garage wearing our pajamas and a jacket, we did venture out a few times to grab a snapshot.


One Response

  1. Where is the picture of Daddy pushing them on a sled??
    How did you stop Zoe from dropping into the snow for her angel?
    They looked thrilled to be out there, send them up to Iowa next winter!

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