Making your home a Haven Monday

dscn4042.jpgdscn4043.jpgI am on a quest this week for organization. I have decided that each week I will tackle on area of our house that really needs some organization. I thought I would start with the kitchen today, since our pantry was such a mess. I got really distracted throughout the morning  but I finally did manage to get it organized along with a few other cabinets that needed some cleaning out and rearranging. It’s such a good feeling to live clutter free, even if it is just a pantry and a few cabinets for the moment.


2 Responses

  1. One area at a time, are you doing all the drawers also? When are you finding time to do this??
    wish I could help

  2. Yeah…when you get done with all of your organizing…I will send some of my clutter your way 🙂 It’s always a process, isn’t it!?

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