Will my baby ever grow up?

dscn3544.jpgI want to hold on to these moments. I want to keep them locked away in my heart and mind and never forget what my “baby” smells like, looks like, talks like etc. but I know at the same time he does have to grow up. In so many ways he is such a big boy at 2, does so many big boy things, sometimes I think wow when did he figure that out, or learn that. But my darling little 2 year old still is hanging on to his pacifier! He still refuses to sleep in his big boy toddler bed 🙂 And as for potty training, I don’t see that happening anytime in the far away future! All of these things are becoming issues because they need to be dealt with well before the new baby arrives in June- with the exception of the potty training, which I don’t even want to think about yet.  We have managed to withhold the pacie from him at all times except bed time, and he is down to only one, but HE WON’T LET IT GO! And I guess honestly I just don’t have the fight in me to argue with him. As for the crib, he loves his crib. It’s the only place he wants to sleep (except at 4 a.m- in which he definitely prefers our bed) Grandma even made him a whole bedding set with Thomas the Train, and he loves to play in it, but come bed time he wants his crib. Our solution is going to be to completely take the crib down and out of his room, but we hate to do that since in 4 months we will be returning it there.  Right now with all that is going on in our lives we have really just down played these problems, maybe in hopes that they will solve themselves, but the reality is they probably won’t and we are going to have to find some creative ways to deal with them. I would love to hold on to these baby moments but I know it’s time to let go… Just a little.  If anyone has any creative solutions I would love to hear them.


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  1. Kaylee had her pacifier until she was over 3, dont worry about that.
    Have you tried cutting the nipple part? I was told that by her doctor and then the nipple fell off by itself!

  2. Well, it’s been 19 years ago (when our oldest Josh was almost 3) and we knew it was time to give up the ‘ole pacifier. We had gotten him down to ‘night time’ only use, and then one night pappa-bear decided to just snip off the nipple and show Josh that it was broken. I was terribly nervous as these plastic-rubber-tipped wonders had been a blessing for so many tricky times in Josh’s first 2 years. To my surprise, Josh looked at it, sorta shrugged his teeny soft shoulders, went and put it in the trash can, and came right back and crawled in bed!
    My lower lipped quivered, tears streamed down my face and Juaquin comforted me while getting my out of Joshua’s site quickly!

    God has been gracious in allowing me to remember so many details of all those mommy and parenting moments! 22 years later and it seems like yesterday…

    It all works out…includes lots of pain, joy, struggles, laughter, but when you trust it all to God it just has an amazing way of working out!

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