Frugal Friday

dscn4019.jpgdscn4020.jpgdscn3227.jpgdscn4022.jpgFor this frugal Friday tip, I wanted to show you how I organize my coupons. I am going to admit that when I first started it took me a couple hours to get the coupons organized and placed in their pockets, but now that I have the system it’s well worth it. I don’t have them labeled in any particular order but I was thinking I should maybe order them according to how I usually shop my favorite store.  Some of the labels I have are Dairy, frozen, meat, yogurt, cereal, hair, oral -I have about 30 labels. My binder also holds a pen and several pockets on the inside (accordion style) That I keep the sales adds in as well as envelopes for each of the stores that I visit where I hold the coupons for that week and that store, on the other side they hold the the receipts. I just stapled two envelopes together back to back.  In the front of the binder I keep my calculator and usually it’s where I stash my money, keys, phone while I’m shopping so I don’t also have to take my purse in.


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