A Valentine’s Day -Children Style

dscn4018.jpgSteven and I don’t usually celebrate Valentine’s Day very big. When we first were married we didn’t have any money to spend on each other, and now that we have children we don’t have money or time : )  We often exchange small gifts, homemade cards and have a nice dinner at home. Or we will pick the weekend before or after to go out to dinner. Every now and then Steven will splurge on flowers, but really I appreciate the days when he surprises me with flowers for no apparent reason other than he loves me. That’s the real Valentine’s Day.

For the past several years I have tried to make a week of Valentine’s Day by every day leaving Steven small gifts, cards, candy, notes  in his car, lunch bag, etc. So that every day he is surprised with something. I did that this year as well as  enlisted the children’s help to make a special dinner. Chicken Parmesan is one of Steven’s favorite meals so I made that with some garlic bread, salad, corn and for dessert Strawberry shortcake. To add to the ambiance we put out a table cloth, place mats, and candles with a bottle of Sparkling white grape juice (which is really my favorite) as well as Zoe’s homemade card.  I tried taking a picture of it before we called Steven down but the flash didn’t do it any justice.

We ended the night “dancing” which mostly consisted of the children running around in circles and jumping up and down around us.

I can’t imagine a time in our future when Valentine’s Day will actually involve romance. But at least it will always be filled with love 🙂


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  1. What a wonderful tradition you have started for celebrating Valentine’s Day!! The children will certainly benefit from their experiencing part of it, as well. You and your family are so special to us and we love being able to share your good times, with us being so far away, on this blog. We love you!


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