A Hidden form of Hypocrisy

“Is it still hypocrisy if the person you pretend to be is who you want to be?”This is a question that came from Beth Moore in her Stepping Up study. I have pondered on this question for a few weeks now. Beth gave a resounding YES! in answer to her own question, but the question itself has stayed with me. I often “pretend” to have many qualities that I would truly love to posses but they just don’t come very easy for me. I do this in hopes that maybe if I act a certain way then I will actually become that way. The problem is that it’s just not who I am, and without the power of God behind me, I will never have these qualities that I feel I’m lacking. So instead of the philosophy of “faking it till I make it” I have been taking it to God in prayer. Beth went on to say “What if we could let people know that we are less than who they first supposed?” This of course is a scary proposition, because it means you have to be real, you have to put yourself out there and not only admit that your not perfect, but show the world the same.  I know God is working on my heart and slowly showing me my imperfections so that I can bring them to Him to work out. Of all of the things I want to be known for, the last of them would be a hypocrite.  


2 Responses

  1. So good! Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Thank you for bringing this back to my mind. I’m currently doing this study with some of the other women at our church, & we just finished this week & are on to week three. I pray that God will bless all of us as we come to Him through Stepping Up. 🙂

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