Making Your Home a Haven Monday

dscn3949.jpgdscn3951.jpgI thought I would Join the making your home a haven challenge over at Biblical Womanhood  I have made a real effort these past few months to try and simplify our lives by decluttering and getting rid of things that I don’t really have much use for. Today I decided to tackle my daughters room. I’m going to post the before picture here as soon as I am able to post the after as well. I have tried decluttering it many times but it continues to seem overwhelmed with stuff and she is terrible about switching clothes throughout the day and her dresser shows this bad habit. I am going to have Steven help me move some things out of her room later tonight in hopes that it will help the situation.


3 Responses

  1. the after pic looks great, liked how you rearranged the room too!

  2. Love your little girl’s room! Wanna come and help me decorate our home? 🙂 I am just getting ready to redo everything on our main level…painting especially. I completely understand about the decluttering and purging issue. We do that quite often. Good Job. Your blog is such an encouragement!

  3. Okay, I think you staged that “before” photo, Angela. I refuse to believe our sweet little Zoe would make such a mess of her favorite room in the whole house!! Just kidding, you did a good job with the “de-cluttering” project. Just what did you dispose of?

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