My two new favorite things

I have come across two pretty cool things recently and am way excited.

First off if you have small children from about 2 years through 3rd grade they will love it is such a great site. I have been letting Zoe and Zack sit at the computer with me and (sometimes Zoe does it without my assistance) and work through the alphabet. It introduces the letters and their sounds as well as plays games to reinforce the concepts. If your children are older there are lots of other things for them to do as well. Our children really love it and ask to play it everyday.

The other thing that I recently came across is Paperback Swap. I attached a link at the side if you want to check it out. You simply type in the ISBN numbers on 10 books that you own that you no longer need or want and then you get credited 2 credits.  Those credits are used to “buy” books. You go to the site, look for the book you want and then request it. If it’s in stock it gets sent to you FREE.  Other members do the same and if they want one of the books you listed they request it and you mail it to them. The only cost is in the postage when you mail it out, but hey they pay the postage when they mail you your book. You earn a credit everytime you mail out a book. And if you decide to try it out and put my name as the one who referred you, I get a credit for that too.  What a great concept!


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