Baby Talk

There  have been lots of talk about babies around our house lately. All of a sudden Zoe is fascinated with the subject. She is continually asking me about her new baby, wanting to know how I’m going to get it out of my tummy… Ahemmmmm, umm the baby is going to come out at the hospital. She seems satisfied with that. I’m just not ready for that conversation with my 4 year old. She also then wants to know what’s going to happen next and then next and then next and so on.

We were eating lunch the other day and she was telling me something about her baby staying little.  I told her that the baby will get big like her and Zack one day. She found the idea of this horrible and started crying.

All of this talk has allowed her to create another story line with her babies and a Care Bear that she has suddenly became attached to. Now Zoe is having a baby so that her Care Bear can have a sister, and this baby is going to come out of her tummy at the hospital as well. We have this discussion nearly every day. It’s funny how children this age can get so fixated on one thing, for a while anyway 🙂


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