Cleaned up

After my menu post I thought I would at least share my good shopping news. I managed to make it to CVS this past weekend, and although I didn’t do as well as I was hoping I still managed to come away with some great deals. I spent about $9.00 and got $6.00 back in extra care bucks. I bought 2 boxes of Robitussin, 2 boxes of Excedrin migraine, 1 Palmolive, 1 bottle of leave in conditioner, 1 box of toothpaste, 2 candy bars (come on, they were free!) 1 tube of loreal lipstick, 1 mascara, and 1 bottle of foundation

So I think I did pretty good, I had a lot of coupons and the makeup was already 75% off so a got them virtually for free.  I was hoping to come out with more Extra care bucks but I misunderstood the ad for the Excedrin. And I was really bummed when I realized I left my $3.00 Robitussin coupon at home. I could have walked out with only paying $6.00 for it all. Bummer!


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  1. very impressed!!

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