I’m finally an adult!

It’s finally happened, I have joined the 30 and over crowd! I know for some turning 30 is no big deal, but for me it is the final step into true adulthood. I can no longer hang on to my illusions that I am still young enough and “hip” enough to fit into any college (and in my head) sometimes high school crowd. You would think I would have let go of this idea when I had my first child and definitely by my second, but still the idea of being an adult alluded me. But now that I’m actually 30, married, with 2 and a half children there’s no mistaking it…. I’m an ADULT!

It’s not that I believe being an “adult”  is all that terrible, I actually feel good about it  but part of me really would just like to hang onto the idea that I am going to be young forever., a perpetual 25.

I know I have many things to look forward to, now that I have joined this side of adulthood. One being wisdom. I have been told by several of my way over 30 friends 🙂 that the older I get the more I will see and understand of this world and the more secure I will feel of my part in it. Of course it’s easy to see how this is true. Even when I look back at what I believed about me and the world when I was in my early 20’s I now see as somewhat foolish and idealistic. I can’t wait to hit 40 and see what it is I believed about today. ( well, I can probably wait for 40) But until then I will enjoy being an adult and celebrate being 30!


2 Responses

  1. Happy Birthday Angela!
    in your 30’s, you can still dip your finger in the cake batter, just dont let your kids see you do it!!

  2. Happy Birthday! I was a bit depressed this year when I hit 31- now I’m into the 30’s! and I have noticed the cake batter tends to stick a bit more – meaning in places i wish it wasn’t!

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