No Resolutions this year!


I have decided that this year I am not going to make any New Years Resolutions. I have never been big on them anyway since I can’t seem to stick with anything for too long, so this year I’m scrapping the whole idea and I’m not going to place any pressure on myself to fulfill a commitment that I know realistically I won’t keep. BUT… If I were going to make a few it would be something like:  Smile more, talk less-listen more, eat less, exercise more (use the gym membership I’m paying for), play more, clean less, be more organized, follow through with every good intention I have.

Ok so after thinking about this, maybe I should resolve to work on one or two of these. After all it never hurts to try and better yourself  right?


One Response

  1. Angela, dont change! I need you the way you are!!

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