Be careful little eyes what you see…

With a firestorm of e-mails that I received today about the new Nicole Kidman film being released in December I thought I would address it here. The movie The Golden Compass is suppose to be the antithesis of the Chronicles of Narnia. Completely anti-God. Unlike the books that the movie is based off of where the author makes it clear that he hates God and all things related, the movie is suppose to be set up with just subtle undertones of the author Phillip Pullmans hatred toward God.  It’s especially sad to me that this film will be marketed as a family film and will have many of the same looks as the Chronicles of Narnia, thus drawing unsuspecting families in. And even sadder that some families will go because they will believe that like any other movie our children will understand that it’s a fiction story not realizing that long after they have left the movie theatre, the images and intentions of Mr. Pullman will remain with their children for the rest of their lives. I understand the outrage of the many, many people I have received e-mails from today. Even if you don’t attend church, or maybe even if you don’t even believe in God, why would you subject your children to someone elses ideology that is so wrapped up in hatred.

Here is a link to snopes with more information about the movie


2 Responses

  1. Thanks for the heads up- I had seen a preview and had no idea what was behind it.

  2. In our Des Moines Register this morning, I read a blog from a concerned mother who was warning of the anti-Christian nature of this film. It’s good to see the word is being circulated and that perhaps nurturing parents will not make it available for their children to view.


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