Chicken soup

The children have been sick now on and off for almost 3 weeks. It started with Zack one week, then Zoe the next. Then there was a short 3-4 day break and Zoe started running a fever then a few days later so did Zack. Zoe is better now but Zack is still hanging on to his fever. He woke up this morning fever free and I celebrated too soon, because by afternoon it was back. It is draining having sick children. All of your regular routines are out the window and you are consumed with caring for these children. And when you are not actually caring for them (like when they are sleeping) You are worrying about whether or not you are doing all that you can for them. The only highlight of this time has been, both of my children have wanted to spend the days snuggling on the couch or bed. Zack almost never slows down enough to want to sit and snuggle with me. I just wish it came without all the whining from the two of them. But it can’t last forever… right?


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  1. cheer up Mommy Angela, it always gets better.

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