Two Left Feet

dscn3214.jpgSteven and I took a dance lesson last night, the lesson was fun, the dancing itself was a disaster 🙂  The lesson was only 30 min. long and then there was an open dance. We learned to Salsa dance. If you are a dancer, you know that this isn’t a hard dance. But neither Steven or I are very coordinated. Before we were leaving for the evening I was running around trying to figure out what I was going to wear, I had no idea what you wear to these kinds of things. Being such a girl, I told Steven I am really nervous I hope what I’m wearing is going to be ok. Steven being such a guy said “You look fine, I can’t dance” I said well that’s great because that’s what the lesson is for! But what about my shoes!The evening was fun. I think we’ll try it again sometime. Maybe even take regular lessons. Who knows.


2 Responses

  1. Yea,

    I, too, want to maybe take a dance lesson or two. It’s one of the things I have always thought would be fun. Nice photo! And Steven is continuing to grow the hair, I see!! You two look good on the dance floor. Maybe you can pass on those salsa steps to me and Bob.


  2. what a good-lookin’ couple!

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