Too Precious

dscn3196.jpgI have such wonderful children! They truly are the bright spots in my day. I can’t say that every moment of every day I relish the job of motherhood, but there are very few times when I think I need a break!  Today I was reminded of one of the reasons I’m so blessed. I had picked up Zoe after bible study and we went together to pick up Zack. When Zack see’s us he yells Nanny (which, sadly is what he calls me) and with a huge smile he runs to the door.  Zoe looks at me and says “Mommy I love Zacky so much”. It was just too precious. Zack adores his big sister and tries to immulate everything she does. I’m so glad that at least for now they enjoy each other, my prayer is they always will. 

I think it’s so sad that in this world today, so many people look at children as an inconvience. There’s even books written about it, there are people that believe that having children will ruin your life. I think most of these people are just selfish. You have to daily sacrifice yourself when you have children, your needs, wants and desires are no longer necessarily at the top of the list, most of the time they are not even on the list! I am reminded of this every morning with my screaming wake up call at 5:30! But would I trade it? Never. God gave us children as blessings, he intrusted to us a life. How awesome is that! It’s up to us with God’s help to decide how we are going to raise these children to bring Him Honor.


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  1. Okay- I haven’t had a chance to read all the blogs or even this post- but saw this picture and just had to say adorable!! I am so glad you told me about your blog- this week I will be doing a month’s worth of blog reading and then keeping up with you regularly- I’m so excited!!!

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