Mirror Mirror

I think the scariest job out there is being a parent. We have this awesome responsibility of  bringing up our children-training up our children to be loving, giving, selfless, productive adults and as a Christian we have the added responsibility of raising our children to love God. Today I was driving in the car with Zoe and Zack and Zoe was  having her usual dialogue about everything and nothing in particular, and as she was talking I thought were did she hear those words and where did she pick that up? It wasn’t that they were bad, It was just a whole other way of talking that I hadn’t heard before. She was starting all of her sentences with well…. And then it occured to me, I do that! In fact she was even using the inflection that I have when talking. I began to reflect on all the things she has been doing that I haven’t necessarily appreciated and I realized I do those things!! It wasn’t a proud moment for me. Recently I heard someone say “that if you want to know what you’re really like, listen to your children talk”.  How right they are.  It has given me greater motivation to be more cautious of the things I say and do even in joking. And to be more guarded about what the children watch and the people that they spend time with. We are responsible for the hearts of these little ones. It’s easy to live in the here and now and think oh that’s not that big of a deal, but one day builds on another, as parents we have to look ahead and ask ourselves what kind of child do we want 10 years from now? What kind of parents do I want my children to be to thier children? When I look into my “mirror” do I like what I see?


2 Responses

  1. OHHHHHH What did she say!?!?! WHat were the ramblings that made YOU think about what you say?

  2. Zoe is such a precious soul. If she is truly a reflection of you than you are doing a great job. She can however be a bit more generous with her chocochip cookies.
    Tell her I love her.

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