Satan Lives

I don’t know how many people caught the Primetime show Outsiders last night but one of the pieces was on Jose de Jesus. The man that claims he is God and has thousands of followers around the world. Watching this just sickened me. It is amazing the power this man has over all of these people, and to liken himself to Jesus when he is out carousing at the bars, womanizing and gambling among other things is pure blasphemous. If anyone has any doubt that Satan is alive and well in this world, this Jose de Jesus  should erase that. I could practically feel Satan laughing and celebrating while watching this special. As I watched one person after another tattoo the numbers 666 across their bodies “in the name of Jesus” and when the children walked by him saluting him in a manner that was strikingly like how Hitler was saluted I had to keep myself from crying. This man’s vision is to take over the world. Does anyone else see the parallels to so many other evil people in history and does this not just scream the beginning of a cult. How is it that people can allow themselves to be so disillusioned. Thankfully and sadly as Christians we know how this all will end.


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  1. And he has to be Hispanic! UHHHHHHHH

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