Parenting A La Cart

PlaygroupWe hosted playgroup at our house today. Zoe loves it when all her friends come to our house to play and she gets to show off her toys and destroy her and Zacks room without getting in trouble 🙂 I love this time with other moms, we can talk about just about anything and it’s a time when we can share problems that we are having in regards to parenting, we have had many discussions on nursing, bed times, nap times, meal times, sibling issues, and the terrible three’s -yes the three’s, I think the person that came up with the terrible two’s just hadn’t reached three yet! It has been so helpful having this wonderful group of women to share life with, they are always full of helpful advice it really makes you understand that you are not alone, and most importantly see that in child rearing there is not a one size fits all approach.  I usually take a little bit of this advice and pair it with a little bit of that advice, throw in the suggestions of the latest parenting book I’ve read and hope for the best, then when that doesn’t work… try again!! 


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  1. I love mom’s group. Thank you for taking leap of faith and inviting me. I learned so much about motherhood and friendship in the last 6 months because of you girls.

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