Squashing the Sissy

I don’t know how many people have heard of Michael and Debbie Pearl but we own several of their books, one of them -their most popular To Train up a Child, we consider our parenting bible. Although we don’t agree with everything the Pearl’s believe, I think most of the advice they give is biblical and logical. In Sunday School we have been watching a few of their videos and one of the segments was called Squashing the Sissy. For both Steven and I it drives us crazy to see children who are babied or cry at the drop of a hat whenever they don’t get their way. Unfortunately we happen to be parents to one of these so called sissies. Don’t get me wrong we have worked hard at not enabling this behavior but as a young mom, one thing I have learned is EASIER SAID THAN DONE. And to make matters worse, we know that he is manipulating us because his “sissyness” only comes out when we’re around, otherwise we’re told he’s such a good little boy. I try to remember that our goal as parents is to raise children that love God and want to serve Him and if we are honestly working towards that, maybe it won’t matter that he’s such a “sissy” – for now anyway (right?)  🙂


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